The iPhone 12: Here’s Everything We Know

The rumors have been swirling for months, and a few photos have also been leaked. Yes, it’s that time: Apple is gearing up for the release of the new iPhone 12.

We’ve rounded up everything here in this quick guide on what you can expect from the next release from the tech giant.



One of Apple’s major selling points has always been slick and innovative designs. That said, the images of the iPhone 12 that have leaked so far are slightly disappointing.

It looks very similar to the iPhone X, XS, and 11 Pro. That said, the color scheme is new. Midnight Green is out, and Navy Blue is in.



Some of the screen sizes will change with the iPhone 12 series. The standard iPhone 12 will be the same size as the 11, but the Pro version will be 0.4 inches smaller. The Pro Max version, however, will be 0.2 inches bigger than the 11 Pro Max.



The camera is probably one of the biggest improvements. You’ll be able to use a 3D camera over a 15-foot range. Not only will that add a lot more depth to your portrait photos, but it’ll also add a whole new level to Augmented Reality apps.



Naturally, the iPhone 12 will be faster than older models. The new kid on the block will feature an A14 iPhone chipset and up to 6GB RAM — that’s 50% faster than the 11.



Face ID will still be a feature on the iPhone 12, but Touch ID is also making a comeback. Whether or not these security features will be optional remains to be seen.



It would seem that Apple has lost the battle for their Lightning cables and ports. 

The new iPhone 12 will most likely use USB-C to conform to industry regulations. But there are also whispers of Apple’s plans to move future models over to a 100% wireless system.  You can also expect better connectivity with the new 12 series since 5G will be rolled out, and the phones will support that.



There isn’t any news on price yet, but you should prepare yourself for a rise. Other brands have increased their price tags as the new models have to be 5G-compatible.

Apple also has a history of upping their price point with the release of every new series. And since you won’t get as much money for trading in your old phone, it’ll sting a bit more. 



Finally, the million-dollar question when will the iPhone 12 be released? While there is no exact release date yet, you can expect it to come out in September. That’s when Apple has traditionally released its new iPhone models. 

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