The Best Smartphones for Blogging in 2020

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (CC9 Pro)

If you’re a photoblogger, or your main mission is taking really good pictures then look no further than the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (CC9 Pro). It comes with no less than 108 megapixels so you can take amazing snaps of whatever you plan to write about. It also has a huge battery capacity and charges very quickly, which means you don’t have to worry about running out of juice when you’re traveling.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

The latest iPhone from Apple doesn’t disappoint. It’s the most powerful one yet and comes with three different cameras for Wide, Ultra Wide, and Telephoto settings. It does come with a hefty price tag, but Apple products also tend to be very durable and an excellent long-term investment. It’s also good for synchronizing your Apple devices if you write from your iPad or Macbook.

Xiaomi Mi A3

Xiaomi is one of the new firebrands in the smartphone industry. They’ve been hailed as the fastest-growing company, and the Mi A3 is one of their latest releases. It comes with a triple-lens camera, plenty of battery life, and a powerful processor so you can multitask effortlessly. The best part about the Mi A3, perhaps, is that it’s very affordable for the novice blogger.?

Ulefone Armor 7

Small screens aren’t always ideal for blogging, so you may want to consider the Ulefone Armor 7. It’s a phablet that comes with a 6.3-inch display and 1080 x 2340 high resolution. It has an impressive number of cameras too: 48.0MP, 16.0MP, and 8.0MP on the back, as well as 16.0MP on the front. It also comes with long battery life and is even waterproof!

HUAWEI Honor 20 Pro

The third and final phablet on our list is the HUAWEI Honor 20 Pro. This one’s really special, not least because it has no less than five cameras! Enjoy an impressive 48.0MP, 16.0MP, 8.0MP, and 2.0MP on the back and a solid 32.0MP on the front. Add to that a 30X digital zoom and a special feature that can capture the beauty of the moon. It also has a fingerprint sensor for maximum security.?

Which one will you pick?

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger looking for a new smartphone or a novice trying to navigate the market, there’s something for everyone on our list.? Which one of these smartphones for blogging will be your pick for 2020? Blogging is a mature industry, but it has never been more popular than it is now. Businesses and private individuals alike blog about anything from exotic food to machine learning.? We’ve looked at the best smartphones for blogging, so you have a handy companion with you when you’re out discovering new things to blog about.