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Zuma Lets you Say Hello to Good Buys

In these days of responsibility and transparency, it’s not unusual for companies to use their sheer size and scope for the promotion of good – whether that’s by way of project sponsorship, community engagement, or charitable partnership. If you work for or own a company that’s actively trying to make a difference beyond its own four walls, then you deserve to feel good about that – but did you know that you can even spread the love when doing something as mundane as ordering your office supplies? 

Zuma Office was established in Texas a little over 10 years ago. And while its offering may not be the kind of stuff you swoon over all month until payday – think toner and cartridges, first aid kits and trash can liners – the company operates on a model of ‘Conscious Capitalism.’ That means every purchase ticks not only a box of what your office needs, but also one of what the wider world needs – and that’s kindness! 

How? By donating a minimum of half of their profits each year to charities. That’s a big commitment and one that Zuma takes very seriously – after all, this is a company that was founded with this function in mind. Since its inception, it has donated over $110,000 to various causes, and over 60,000 meals via the Central Texas Food Bank. 

Office Supplies


Who would’ve thought that buying post-it notes and mouse pads could impart such a warm glow? 

Naturally enough, there will be those who worry that such contributions don’t come about without taking extra dollars from the purchaser’s pockets. But Zuma Office’s prices are more than comparable with the big boys in the biz like Staples and Office Depot, so you definitely won’t be paying any more. The difference, the company says, is in relinquishing half of their profits. “All of our employees earn reasonable salaries and receive benefits that support them and their families. The money donated to charity is from the profits generated by our company.


The Necessities


Not only does the company give money – but it also gives time by way of employees volunteering for worthwhile causes. Far from diminishing productivity, it’s been proven that workplaces facilitating the doing of good means increased job satisfaction, happier staff, and better retention – all of which makes for a great company and, in turn, better customer experience. 

Not convinced yet? Then check out the range of green products that the company is proud to sell: from drinking cups to paper, from washroom soap to floor cleaner. Your business can be stocked with earth-kind products that minimize the impact of business on the world and do good for the broader community at the same time. We can’t all take time and money out to make the world a better place – but we can at least shop a little more consciously, and Zuma Office makes it easy to do just that. 


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