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What Does Your Bathroom Say About You?

Come on, admit it … there’s been at least one time in your past when you’ve used the bathroom at someone’s house and, with the space and time that a locked door gives you, had a little nose around. Maybe you’ve peeked in the cabinet, and perhaps you’ve checked out the labels on the towels, maybe you’ve opened a bottle or two to sniff the contents. And why? Because the bathroom, simply because it is a private, personal space, says loads about a person! Here’s how to make sure that yours is sending the message you want it to send about you.

The Beauty Junkie


Do you know your retinol from your lactic? Do you obsessively watch makeup tutorials on YouTube and scour the beauty pages of magazines? Are you the person who swoops upon every new product as soon as it drops? Chances are, your skin looks sensational, but your bathroom is in danger of overflowing. Keep your lotions and potions in check with clever storage options – these sleek boxes can be placed on surfaces or wall-mounted, and you can add to them as your collection expands. Grab yourself a handful of these toothbrush holders too, and use them to keep your makeup brushes clean and organized. And be sure you have plenty of hooks to hang your towels and robes on – plus your spa headband, of course! 

The Environmentalist


If you’re concerned about climate change and trying to make more mindful choices to minimize your impact on the environment, then our bathroom will probably reflect your efforts with organic products and, where possible, natural materials. Give waste the elbow with nifty gadgets like this squeezer, which will help you to get the very last out of your toothpaste tube, and fill this wall-mounted dispenser with soap or shampoo bought in large measures to avoid the plastic use associated with miniatures and small volume bottles. Bamboo is celebrated as a crop that regenerates quickly and without needing as much water as cotton, so opt for these luscious thick towels, which are made from 80% bamboo fiber. 


The Minimalist


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to minimize clutter – especially in the bathroom, where having lots of stuff around can make surfaces harder to keep clean – and, therefore, make it easier for germs to breed. This handy caddy makes it simple and neat to hold brushes and tools in one place and comes with a genius drainage feature to stop run-off water collecting and festering. Stop towels from looking like they’re taking over the entire bathroom with the help of a double rack and keep your floor safe and slip-free without the addition of a mat by using these transparent floor adhesives. Keep your color scheme simple, too, with a chic monochromatic shower curtain and towels


The Cute Addict


Well, hey – we have to do enough adulting out there in the real world, so why shouldn’t your bathroom be a haven of kitsch and cuteness? Cradle your soap in one of these fish-shaped dishes, available in a range of pastel hues, and keep your dental care as snug as a – well, a bug! – in one of these adorable ladybug holders.We also love this little squeezy implement, ideal for getting the last drops of moisturizer or lotion from your tubes – and who could fail to smile each time they hang something up on one of these elephant trunk hooks – like one of these gorgeous towels, perhaps? 


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