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Turn Your Home Into a Museum With These Artsy Gallery Wall ideas 

Gone are the days when a few modest pictures were hung at sensible intervals along a picture rail: gallery walls have never been so popular. And why not? You only have to walk into an art museum to know that multiple paintings of differing sizes look fabulous when hung together. That said, not all of us have walls as large or rooms as vast as those found in an exhibition space – so can gallery walls work for us? Absolutely they can – just follow some guidelines to create the maximum impact that works to your dimensions and taste. 

Neutral mash-up 

Who’s to say that only one type of object can be displayed on a gallery wall? If the thought of a multiplicity of things and colors makes you feel a little dizzy, tone things down by mixing up objects but matching up hues. The neutrals used here let each piece speak without the overall effect coming off too busy. 

Common theme

Another way of drawing the different elements of your gallery wall together into a coherent whole is to choose similarly-themed images, like this gallery of maps, or this one of botanical drawings. 

Boxing clever 

Sometimes, the things you want to display en masse don’t lend themselves well to hanging or wall mounting – but don’t let that put you off. Clever floating box shelves can essentially become the frames for a multitude of objects, all of which creates a fantastically striking 3D gallery wall. 

Basket Case

Baskets are so pretty and textural but sadly, most of us don’t spend out time gathering apples in the fields anymore. That’s not to say that we can’t find a use for these beautiful woven objects though – they make a great gallery wall statement. 

Mirror Image 

Mirrors are the embodiment of light – perfect for brightening small or dark spaces, and dazzling when curated in bold frames. Scour thrift shops and markets for mirrors of all shapes and sizes for a bold wall feature. 


You’re not necessarily confined to one wall when creating a gallery wall: try wrapping yours around a corner for a striking effect. 

Lean Machine

Not everyone wants to pepper their walls with dozens of nails and hooks, so long ledges, on which frames can be leaned, overlapped and even interspersed with objects, are a canny way to create a gallery wall. 

Ahead of the Pack 

Try going old school hunter with a gallery wall of animal horns. Those unsure about genuine parts may prefer arty faux options, like these

Busy, busy

Don’t be fooled into thinking that picture and object filled walls only work on blank spaces: wallpaper, whether bold and geometric, clean and striped or head-spinningly busy, can also form the ideal backdrop to your collection. 

On a plate 

Do you have more plates than you know what to do with? Perhaps you’ve been browsing the souks on your travels and just couldn’t resist bringing home stacks of gorgeous ceramics bearing exotic hand painting? Even you don’t have plates at your disposal right now, they are easy to find with some browsing, so consider a plate gallery wall: whether one as wow-factor as this, or stylistically cohesive as this


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