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Support Network: Choosing The Right Mattress for a Restful Night

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep – and most of us will be up to speed with what we need to do to try to achieve one. Put screens away a good hour or so beforehand, avoid caffeine, take a warm bath, make sure your room isn’t too hot or too cold – all of these are quite small scale things that are easy to form habits around. A mattress, simply because it’s so large and just, well, there  (but covered by sheets and quilts!) is far easier to overlook – but did you know that experts recommend changing your mattress every 7 – 10 years? Not only is a healthy mattress required for delivering quality sleep, but it’s also necessary for the avoidance of debilitating back pain. 

Even so, you should choose your mattress carefully – such a big investment and one that you’ll be spending many hours on for the next 7 – 10 years should be approached with consideration and regard for your individual needs. 

The problem: Too hot to sleep


You’ve removed a blanket, opened a window – now what? A pocket spring mattress is formed of individual springs, each of which is contained in its own ‘pocket’ of fabric. As a more breathable mattress than a latex or memory foam one, you’ll be better able to regulate your sleeping temperature with this option. 

The problem: Aching joints and bad back


Memory foam is a relatively recent addition to the mattress market. Responsive to the individual’s temperature and weight, it will shape itself to your body, absorbing your weight and cushioning your joints. It’s a spine-savior, aligning your vertebrae horizontally while you sleep, and helping you to bounce out of bed the following morning.

The problem: Frequent guests


Okay, not that frequent guests are a problem, exactly! It’s great having friends and relatives to stay in your home – but the occasional nature of their stays means that you want a comfortable mattress that reflects, price-wise, non-constant use. You need something comfortable but easily stored, something that’s as good for one night as it is for a week’s stay – and that can be set up in the living area if you don’t have a spare room. 

The problem: You're co-habiting and failing to sleep


A pocket spring mattress is, yet again, the answer here – because the separate springs respond to individual weights, shapes, you can sleep together in a way that supports and cushions your specific physical needs. The days of rolling into a sagging middle are over – at least where the mattress is concerned! 

The problem: you have allergies or asthma


A latex mattress makes life hard for dust mites and mold – which is great news for allergies and respiratory problems.

This kind of mattress can feel a little solid when you’re not quite used to it, but if you’re accustomed to a firm mattress, it shouldn’t feel problematic. 


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