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Ride the Wave of the Surfer Trend With These Wavey Home Accessories

Surfing has never been bigger – statistics indicate that the number of people who take to the waves has increased dramatically in the last decade, and the value of the industry is estimated to be over $7billion annually – impressive right? At next year’s Olympic Games, surfing will even feature as a recognized Olympic sport for the first time ever!

It’s not hard to see why surfing is so appealing. It’s got a free-spirited vibe, it involves time in and respect for nature, it’s great for fitness and it looks seriously cool. No wonder the sport is finding its way into our homes, by way of surf-shack inspired interiors and ocean-themed decor. Whether you know your way around a board or not, here’s how to get the look. 

Set The Scene

Committed surfers are up early to catch those sunrise waves – which means a good night’s sleep is vital! Ambesonne has an incredible range of surf-themed pillowcases and duvet covers, whether it’s a cute novelty dog surfer, a cool vintage print or a dreamy sunset scene

Feeling like the surf theme would hold more water (haha!) if you were actually getting wet? Dress up your bathroom with this nostalgic shower curtain!

Get Artsy

We love these painterly cushions, which really create that nostalgic, sun-dappled surfy feeling. Naturally, Etsy is a brilliant source of surf-themed decor ideas: here, you’ll find even more cool throw cushions with illustrations and slogans that bring the sea to your sitting area. 

This is a great place to come for wall art as well, whether it’s modern and abstract or fabulous retro travel posters. Cult film classics, like The Endless Summer, also make a fabulous statement on your wall. 

Make a Statement

Of course, in creating that carefree surfer vibe, not every object in your home has to have a surfboard or even a wave splashed over it (oops, another pun – sorry). Look for tropical wallpaper or palm tree decals, or towering, spiky houseplants for that beachy vibe. 

The humble campervan has become synonymous with surf culture and makes a great design motif, whether it’s something stylish and low key for your desk or a cute mug for that all-important coffee. Think that surfers don’t have to keep an eye on the time? Wrong! Tide times are key – and this incredible clock combines both form and function. 

Looking for a bolder statement? We’ve got all the heart eyes for this exquisitely crafted hardwood coffee table – or, if you’re the DIY sort, check out Pinterest for cool tutorials on repurposing your old board!

And don’t forget your outside spaces! Sling a hammock, set up an outdoor Tiki bar and check out our guide to the best fire pits and throws for when the sun goes down. 


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