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Personalize Your Workspace

Maybe we used to think that our offices and workspaces had to be bland, streamlined, and devoid of anything that might distract us from the important task of actually getting work done. But as big firms, with their sleep pods, ball pits, and slides, have shown in recent years, creative spaces boost productivity! We may not all have the kind of job that gives us access to massage areas and inside putting greens, but we can still make our workspaces more fun and inviting – and make it something that reflects our personality, too. 



Naturally, it all starts with a photo. Whether it’s of family, friends, or a pet, a photo on your desk instantly makes your space more personal – more yours. And that’s even without the fact that it’s bound to lift your spirits on those occasional tough days. Of course, any photo of a loved one deserves a great frame, whether it’s something simple and elegant or one with a little more dazzle. Can’t decide whose face to look upon when you’re stuck for inspo in the workplace? You don’t have to choose with a multi-picture option

Fun Notebooks


Standard office stationery can oh-so-dull, so be sure you have a quirky notebook for those moments of genius, or just for contemplative doodling in a meeting or during a long phone call. Brighten up your day with these colorful rainbow-edged beauties or go for inspirational words on functional backgrounds – who said work could only be done on plain white or lined paper? 

Lunch Box


Eating well and staying nourished is key to a good day at work. So avoid the snack machine and the inevitable sugar slumps by disguising your super-healthy lunch in this fun hamburger lunch box – or beat the cravings on a chilly day with this slick insulated stackable option – guaranteed you’ll be the envy of everyone in the office! 



Of course, pre-made lunches require organization: an attribute that’s essential for workplace success. And while organization may not sound fun, well – being disorganized is not exactly fun either, is it – especially when you have a colleague or boss breathing down your neck! A good planner is essential – why not see how nervous your boss gets when they spy this ‘Plans for World Domination’ variety or go for something understated with this functional but stylish Kraft option. 




It’s a well-known fact that having greenery around makes you happier, calmer, and more productive, so be sure to have something growing on your desk. Trick yourself into a greener state of mind with an artificial succulent or plant something living in a striking pot. 



The extent to which you can personalize your workspace will depend on your office’s policies. Still, if it’s possible to enhance your computer monitor with stickers, then you should definitely do it! Zhoosh it up with cute flamingoes or devise your own inspirational message with alphabet letters. However, you choose to do it, make sure that you’re excited about coming into work each day. 

We spend half of our day in the office, and mainly seated on our desks, that’s why it’s so important to make ourselves as comfortable as possible during working hours. Whether it’s by decorating the desk, owning colorful notebooks or even having a nice lunchbox, trying to make ourselves feel at home while at work is essential to being productive. 

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