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It was all yellow: Coldplay was ahead of the interiors game with 2019’s must-have color

If certain colors stand for certain feelings, then yellow is nothing but happiness. It’s sunshine, energy, and optimism. It represents warmth and openness and, when used in the home, instantly conjures up an uplifting atmosphere and sense of welcome!

Yellow creates an instant color pop, especially in otherwise muted interiors. Think about how New York City’s iconic yellow taxis zing against the gray of the city’s concrete structures: translate that into your home and you can embrace all of those muted tones and then make your interior sing with yellow accents. Be careful with shades and tones for maximum impact: if it’s a dark gray you favor, then be sure that the accompanying yellow is as bright and bold as possible; light grays work better with pale yellow shades. 

Yellow also looks bright and fresh against white, and dramatic against black; meanwhile, although a sea of yellow can be overwhelming, combining a range of colors from that end of the spectrum can create a feeling of intense warmth and nurture – think burnt orange and earthy tones. 

Let them eat lemon 

For bright, eye-catching ideas, IKEA is always a great place to start. The combination of clean lines and modern shapes works perfectly with this dining setting – we love how the yellow chairs pop against the white table. Adding a floral arrangement with yellow accents would bring this look together perfectly – or keep it healthy and edible with a big fruit bowl with lots of bananas, mangoes, and lemons. 

In fact, the kitchen and dining areas are places within the home where yellow works particularly well – perhaps because they are places of coming together, chatter and happiness! Yellow appliances, like this KitchenAid, look fantastic in the kitchen and this mustard dinnerware will make anything you serve to look even more appealing. 

H&M’s Cheerful Gatherings campaign employs yellow against leafy greens and botanical prints for an uplifting look that combines colors from nature and brings the outside in – checks it out for inspo. 

Living Spaces 

A gray sofa is an endlessly chic and classic choice – not to mention practical, as it’s far more forgiving on the inevitable marks of home life than white – but yellow cushions like these will really brighten up this comfort zone. A yellow area rug will lift your space too, without being overpowering. 

Dare to go dark on your walls and some yellow artwork will really pop and lift the mood. Or maybe you love the idea of a yellow feature wall – in which case, head to Benjamin Moore and explore all of the great color tips on the website, which are invaluable for making great paint choices. 

Natural woods are a popular feature in many modern homes and yellows with a more earthy tone look great against this type of furniture or flooring, as this fabulous gallery wall demonstrates

Yellow Yawns 

Yellow in the bedroom can also work really well, but again, you should probably look to subtle accents or paler hues rather than anything too bold, so that your place of sleep remains calm and relaxing. Try these saffron yellow lamps flanking the bed, or add a gorgeous yellow throw over your bedspread. These fabulous prints also show how well yellow works against black and would look fabulous above the bed. 

Scrub up well

Bathrooms generally tend to incorporate a fair amount of white, so they make the ideal room to employ yellow, steering these very practical spaces away from being boring and making them look bright and fresh. Add a yellow rug to your floor, swathe yourself in soft yellow bath sheets and then enhance the sensory experience with a luxury candle in a citrus scent. 

Incorporating yellow, whether in bold tones or softer shades, creates a positive, cheerful vibe in your home. You don’t have to go to Coldplay extremes – after all, if ‘it was all yellow’ then you may find it a little hard to relax!  – but against other neutral shades, this is a color to uplift and invigorate any home. 

Fancy seeing you here…

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