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Hot Interior Design Looks We’re Searching Right Now

Whether you’re a homebody or social butterfly, whether the current trend is for going out or staying in, there’s no doubt that a bit of #interiorsinspo is something that gets our heart’s eyes fluttering.

So what looks are already proving to be the most searched ones this year? What styles are making us look speculatively at our living spaces and consider how we can make changes, whether large-scale or ‘small-tweak-style’ to the places we sleep in, entertain in and chill out in? Read on.



Maybe it’s that yearning for a simpler time, but vintage has been shown to be the most searched interior trend so far this year. One of the simplest ways to harness the look is in the bedroom: vintage lends itself perfectly to coziness and solitude, so think sumptuous quilts and elegant jugs filled with clusters of hand-picked flowers. Be sure to have a dressing table for the ultimate in vintage boudoir chic – and top it with things like a vanity mirror, a delicately pretty photo frame and a cloche.



Again, there’s a sense of wanting to simplify things with this second-most-searched look: to streamline interiors as a haven against a hectic world, to find beauty in materials long considered to be merely useful and to repurpose objects against waste. Scaffolding planks reimagined as shelving, metal piping reconfigured into decorative elements and slabs of concrete given life as coffee tables and worktops. In the kitchen, keep guest seating along the lines of Tolix-style metal stools and adorn floors and walls with shades of grey concrete-look tiling. The devil is in the detail, too – look for things like faucets that wouldn’t look out of place in restaurant kitchens and sleek pendant lights or almost-bare light bulbs.  




As the third-most commonly searched trend, contemporary style has quite a lot in common with industrial, but with softer elements and bolder accent colors. Floor plans are open, and there’s an emphasis on bringing the outside, in – so be sure to have loads of gorgeous houseplants to make your home burst with life, even if you opt for artificial ones. Background schemes should be reasonably neutral, elevated by texture and pops of color. Large pieces of furniture, such as sofas, should look warm and welcoming – perfect for life with family and friends: again, opt for neutral colors and then add interest with bright, cozy cushions. Floors look great left bare and enlivened by a vibrant rug, while walls are adorned with striking artworks.



In fourth place, Scandinavian interiors have long been a hit with us, but the craze for hygge – the Danish way of living cozily – has seen the popularity of such design elements soar. Look for clean, modern lines and natural materials, like this wooden dining setting. And in the living room, you’ll need more than one of these gorgeous sheepskin chairs to avoid fights breaking out! Sofas are modular and inviting, enhanced by lighting that creates a warm and welcoming ambiance, whether floor lamps or glow producing table lamps. Dot living elements, like fragrant herbs, around your living space. Scandi living is all about both embracing the outdoors and making the most of time at home, curled up with dreamy books and or enjoying time with family and friends, spent making and sharing food – cinnamon bun, anyone?



The rustic trend has been the fifth-most searched for interior trend this year: think earthy textures, simple design elements, and natural warmth. Wood is a key element in this look, so opt for chunky dining tables and striking end tablesWaffle weave blankets will look fabulously inviting, thrown over sofas and draped over beds – and since every rustic setting needs an open fire, be sure to have the right instruments to hand to keep the blaze going. Make storage a talking point, with earthen accented storage jars in the kitchen and woven baskets in bedrooms and living areas – and feast on simple, hearty food with friends, served up on natural grain boards


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