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Getting Organized with Paperchase

How many times have you promised yourself to get on top of life – to get stuff done effortlessly, be the person who breezes through the days and weeks, and makes it look like they were simultaneously whipping up a souffle, conducting an orchestra and volunteering at a soup kitchen?

Well, just as a new fitness regime requires a cute new kit (right?!), so do resolutions about ‘getting organized’ – and that goes for whether you’re trying to get diligent at the New Year or months down the track. I mean, they say a bad workman blames his tools… well, maybe the poor guy had no tools at all! Don’t let that be you – Paperchase has everything you need to nail life, and then some.

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, then you can bet that none of those good intentions started out with a list. Every good intention needs one of these to precisely layout what needs to be done (additionally, writing points down means that you get the satisfaction of crossing tasks off as they’re completed, which means lots of little moments of gratification en route to completion – winning.)

Kraft multi list book & Fleur daily planner



I love the multiplicity of purpose and pared-back design of this book, but if you’re new to list-making, you may want to stick with something simpler – like this planner, which pretty much allows you to map out every minute of every day. The pages are free for you to name and date, too, so there’s no pressure to start page 1 on New Year’s Day. 

My Rants notepad



And while we’re on the subject of writing things down… the best-laid plans can get derailed, at least momentarily, by irritations and bad days. Don’t let them put you off! Instead, vent to your heart’s content in this vintage-inspired notebook: the pages are even perforated, so you can get it all off your chest, tear out the page, bin it, and then get on with being fabulous. 

Grey slim expanding folder & Buddies slip in wallet



Of course, not all single pages can be binned (or burned!) – some need to be kept for future reference. There’s nothing worse than frantically scrabbling through piles of paper trying to find the exact bill or doctor’s letter that you need for your appointment in – eek! – less than 10 minutes from now, so keep all of your documents neatly filed and marked in a folder – go for simplicity and function with this concertina-style one, or make it cute and fun with a series of these sweet Buddies.

Thunderbolt postcard



Here’s a secret that some of the best-organized people in the world will never tell you: being prepared for every event means being prepared even before you know what the event is. Confused? Don’t be: this just means that having a stock of cards, gift wrap, and generic gifts mean that you’ll never be caught on the hop. Clear off a shelf in a cupboard at home and make it your emergency present stash: Paperchase has fabulous gifts at a range of prices that everyone will love. Rather than buying different cards for different occasions, buy a stack of generic postcards that you can customize with your own message.

Yellow and royal blue double-side 3m roll wrapping paper



Complete your stash with some unisex wrapping paper or, if you want to really take the stress out of gifting, stockpile a variety of bags and boxes, and remove even the need for scissors and tape! Ready to nail life? You are now! 


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