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Get the Buzz: Bee-themed products That’ll Sweeten Up Your Space

Bees have a sting, for sure – but not nearly as vicious as the one we’d feel if they were no longer a part of our planet’s ecosystem. Far from just making honey (which, let’s be honest, is a pretty awesome thing to be able to do), bees are also important pollinators – in fact, it’s estimated that around one-third of the food crops that humans consume on a daily basis is reliant on pollination by bees, as well as other insects and birds. 

With bees having so much more going for them than ‘the buzz’ it’s no wonder that they’ve been celebrated in a designated ‘World Bee Day’ on May 20 since last year – a day chosen because it’s the birthday of Anton Janscha, a beekeeping pioneer. Want to get a bit of sweetness in your home? Check out some of these super cute bee-themed interior products. 

Trust Target to have some of the most desirable and affordable interior products to get in a buzz over – go understated underfoot with this beautiful rug or make a bolder statement with the honeycombing on this one.  

Cute pillows? Look no further: choose standout or subtle at prices likely to make you give in to that ‘pile ‘em up’ mentality. Keep that cozying-up vibe going with the snuggliest of throws that mirrors the clever geometry of our honey-makers: yes, bees are commonly associated with industry and hard work, but you’ll want to do anything but when you’re cocooned in this pure wool blanket. 

Country French style is what Maison de Kristine do beautifully .. think fields of sunflowers and seas of lavender and think swarms of bees. The embroidery on these towels is exquisite. Keen to carry on with the French theme?  Invest in these gorgeous tumblers – subtly embellished and available in a set of six, they’ll add sweetness to any drink, honey-infused or not! 

And, even if you’re slightly iffy about bees, you may still be 100% enthusiastic about honey, in which case, buy in bulk and decant into this beautifully delicate honey jar, complete with a twisty, twirly dipper.  

Established in Glasgow in 1990, Timorous Beasties have made their mark on their world of interiors with their bold designs and rich patterns. Statement walls have never looked so good – check out the ‘immersed in nature’ beauty of the Birds N Bees Fabric, ideal for cushions and drapes, or go for a bold stripe wallpaper

Wine storage doesn’t need much to make it look appealing (hello, it’s WINE)  but when it mimics nature it definitely has a certain something. This honeycomb wine rack is super-stylish and, with its sleek marble and geometrical lines, it’s a design statement as well as a hugely practical addition to your home. 

When the nights are lighter, as they are right now, the need to throw back the curtains and maximize every last drop of daylight is completely understandable: avoid awkward knots and ties and secure your drapes with these bee tiebacks. 

Candles may once have been the stuff of Gothic novels and romantic films but they are now so much a part of our zeitgeist that no home would be complete without one (or several!). Illuminate your home with Big Moon candles – not every product has a bee motif but they’re all made from 100% North American beeswax and use lead-free, vegetable-wax coated cotton wicks. 

And don’t forget to give your garden or balcony the heady gift of lavender. Not only do bees love it but it smells divine and has relaxing aromatherapy properties, so stock up on those hazy purple plants

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