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Bringing the Outside in with Botanical Prints


Whatever the season, the natural world has a calming influence on us all – no wonder so many of us choose to invigorate our surroundings with vibrant colors and living things. Although time in nature has been proven to have a whole host of health benefits, research has shown that even just looking at images of nature can lower stress levels and boost relaxation. So it’s definitely a good idea to bring the outside inside our house; however, we can!


Shein has long been a favorite go-to for us, with its range of home and interior products giving its epic fashion offering a good run for its money – and it has everything you need to liven up your living space. 

The craze for houseplants isn’t going anywhere fast. Still, if you lack the green thumbs to keep them at their best, then artificial versions, like these cute mini succulents or striking potted plant make a great alternative – and you don’t even have to worry about home heating causing them to shrivel.


For a bolder statement, big clusters of leafy branches will look fantastic in an oversized vase – and for those who really want to go all out, trailing vines festooned all over ceilings and walls. Try this in your bedroom for shades of Sleeping Beauty!



Speaking of sleeping? Nature-inspired prints are also key to getting that outside-in effect, and you can have fun experimenting with colors that don’t quite accurately reflect nature – like this joyous leaf print bedding, which elevates the world of plants with its pops of pink. The flora theme can make its way into the bathroom, too, with a vibrant shower curtain and cactus-shaped wall hooks.


Continuing with the cactus theme, head over to NewChic, where tapestry-style artwork takes its cue from the desert and will look just as striking hung on a wall as it will as a throw over a bed or couch. And if you’re looking to up your veggie intake before the warmer weather strikes, these adorable place settings, with their leafy design, will inspire you and make you feel virtuous before you even sit down to eat. You can keep the plant fix going during prep time, too, with one of these bold botanical aprons – perfect for keeping clean when you’re making a mess.


Whether you’re sticking with artificial plants or having a go at growing your own (and if it’s the latter, New Chic has a huge range of seeds to get you started), then you need some striking pots in which to house them. Our favorites? These broken egg style ones, which are just so emblematic of new life that you can’t help but feel that Spring is just around the corner when you look at them! 

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