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Bring The Sunshine Inside
With These Summery Table Dressing Ideas

Since Summer is all about new beginnings, the prettiest table settings will incorporate lots of fresh colors and natural elements, bringing the outside in, in happy and harmonious ways. You can go sophisticated, with layers of florals and pastel shades, or all-out cute with bright colors and quirky motifs. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite things to make your Summer spread table one worthy of its own celebration.


It all starts with the table covering. The elegance of plain white provides a blank canvas for introducing texture and pattern but the fulsomeness of Summer – think abundance! – is the ideal opportunity to create a tablescape that’s bursting with a profusion of prints and shades, so start bold with one of these gorgeous block-printed tablecloths for a vintage feel.

Linen napkins are always a delightfully elegant touch but once you’ve done all the food preparation (and after you’re in a chocolate-induced food coma) you may not be so keen on the prospect of all that laundry – enter these gorgeous floral (and disposable!) alternatives.  Keep them in place with a thematically appropriate egg-shaped paperweight or a smooth stone, for that natural look.


Your tableware is another opportunity to bring in lots of gorgeous colors. The delicate speckling on these plates and bowls are so pretty!  Eating outside? Go for sturdy melamine in a sherbet-sweet shade instead.


When it comes to stylish design that incorporates loads of natural elements, few people do it as well as the Scandinavians. These sweet owl tumblers are clear, so you can go to town on colorful drinks like pink lemonade or infused waters – or layer up on natural hues with these beautiful blues. A carafe incorporating herbaceous elements like this one ups the ante on natural motifs.

Cutlery & Flatware

In case you haven’t heard, boring old silverware is out, and creativity is in! Get into the hand-dipped trend with this dazzling cutlery – or add a touch of luxe with these flat handled beauties.

Decorations & Centrepieces

We already rely on Zara for our chic style inspo, so trust them to have a handy on-site home inspiration section to draw from. These vases will look adorable dotted along the length of the table and stuffed with blowsy blooms. Don’t forget to festoon your setting with fairy lights!


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