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Beyond Lemonades & Tequilas: Clever Way You Can Use Lemons In Your Home

You know what they say about life giving you lemons, but there’s far more to these little packages of sharply flavored yellow sunshine than lemonade – or, for that matter, tequila. In fact, there’s far more to them than any mere imbibing or ingesting, despite the myriad health benefits they have to offer: lemons are, in fact, an incredibly versatile and useful weapon in your arsenal of domestic brilliance. Want to know how? Read on … 

  • Add used lemons to your trash can, rather than composting them: they’ll help to minimize odors with their zesty scent. They’re also a good addition to the refrigerator, where they will absorb odors and reduce the need for plastic wrap on open vessels and half-eaten items.
  • Chopping boards are prime suspects for cross-contamination, especially where odors are concerned, but smells can be neutralized by swiping half a lemon over the board’s surface, leaving it for about half an hour and then rinsing.
  • If your dishwasher has started to smell a little stale, wait until the next time you’re about to run a light load of glasses and side plates, pop half a lemon on the top rack and then run the cycle as normal. Voila! A machine that’s citrus-fresh and clean, without the need for store-bought products or chemicals.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals on knives and other utensils: just wiping them over with a cloth that’s been dipped in lemon juice will make them gleam again. Follow up with a warm water rinse to remove any taste residue.
  • Chemicals and packaging can also be swerved if you’ve got wooden furniture or floors that need a polish: give them a beautiful sheen by using a combination of one part lemon juice and two parts olive oil, instead.
  • Copper items can benefit from a bit of lemon love, too: dip half a lemon into coarse sea salt and rub it over the surfaces to restore that warm glow.
  • Painting in the summer months makes perfect sense – you can throw open the windows, let the fresh air circulate and take advantage of better, longer light. The downside? Bugs. Flies and ants abound in warm weather and when they wander onto your freshly applied paint, they’ll likely end up being immortalized in it. Add a few drops of lemon juice to your tin before application; it won’t affect the quality of the paint, but it will deter bugs.
  • Ants and the like can also be given the most fragrant of ‘unwelcomes’ by scattering tiny shreds of lemon peel near places where they’re most likely to get in: think cracks, gaps, and corners. Worried about having piles of peel at random points throughout your house? Use the fine side of a cheese grater to create minuscule ‘crumbs’ of the peel – they’ll be inconspicuous to everyone but the scent-sensitive bugs.
  • Coffee cups get stained quickly; yep, coffee will do that to things! Fill your discolored mugs with water and lemon peel and leave them to stand for a few hours or overnight; washing them afterward will remove those unsightly stains. Now if only it were that easy to sort teeth out …
  • Add lemon juice to a load of white laundry to restore their brightness and get them smelling fresh and fragrant.
  • Skip the incense, swerve the air freshener and say no to expensive candles: simply adding a few drops of lemon juice to the dust bag of your vacuum cleaner will release a refreshingly lemony scent throughout your home as you clean. 
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