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Sweet Dreams: Our pick of the best bedroom buys to ensure that your summer sleep is sound

Ah, extended daylight hours and brighter weather – how we long for them to arrive. And yet – how they give with one hand and take away with the other. Why? Because although all of that light can do wonders for mood, it can also impact one’s ability to get a sound night’s sleep. There’s also the fact that the additional hours in the evening lend themselves so well to socializing, which in turn can have a deleterious effect on getting adequate rest. Make your room into a sleep-inducing haven to safeguard your slumbers with these picks!

Let there (not) be light

Blackout curtains are an essential tool in the arsenal against sleep interrupted by shorter nights, blocking out the lighter skies that disrupt your ability to fall or stay asleep. Home Depot has a huge range of ready-made drapes that are largely very affordable, as does Target, which also stocks less absolute but still effective ‘room-darkening’ curtains. Looking for something a little more bespoke? Check out Regal Drapes: they stock over 1000 designer fabrics and will custom make your blackout drapes in the USA with shipping in just 3-7 days. It’s not just your sleep that will benefit from the addition of blackout or room darkening curtains: these also help to reduce energy costs and noise, as well as slowing down the process of fading on furniture and carpets.

Cushion the blow

Experts recommend replacing your mattress every 5 to 10 years but budget often dictates otherwise. If that’s the case, invest instead in a memory foam mattress topper, which will give you more support and comfort for a great night’s sleep. I love this Bamboo Charcoal Topper from Lucid – not only does it provide a solid 4 inches of support, but bamboo is a sustainable material which, when burnt at high temperatures to charcoal, reduces odor and moisture, as well as having a cooling effect on your sleeping body – the perfect antidote to these warmer nights.

Holy sheet!

Forget 6000 thread count sheets – bamboo is also an excellent choice for your bedding and linens, thanks to its hypoallergenic, antibacterial and cooling qualities. If you’re someone who’s kept awake by fretting about the environment, then these will also help you to sleep more soundly in the knowledge that bamboo is a more sustainable material than cotton!

Bamboo is also super soft and silky – in fact, sleeping on bamboo pillows more or less banishes bed hair, meaning that you can spend an extra few minutes luxuriating in the comfort of your bed and less time trying to detangle your mane – that’s got to be a win, right?

Ettitude does a fabulous range in both calming neutrals and rich jewel tones, as do SleepBambooⓇ. Are delicate florals and luxurious silks more your thing? Check out the sumptuous offerings of the Leizu collection: silk also has incredible health and sleep-promoting benefits, and these delicate designs are uniquely created using dyes from flowers and botanicals.

Pillow Power

Your brain works hard all day and, even when you’re sleeping, it’s still performing a myriad of functions. That’s why you need to lay your head down to rest on a pillow that guarantees excellent support, comfort and sleep that’s easy to come by.

A number of newcomers to the market offer a no-risk trial, so you can try before you buy – the 8hours, for instance, is fully adjustable, so you can suit it to the way you sleep (side, back, etc) and comes with an 88-night trial guarantee.

For those looking something less technical but still sleep-inducing, Brooklinen has a great range of down and down alternative pillows in a variety of firmnesses.

The nose knows

Inhale, exhale … inhale, exhale … we all know that deep, even breathing is a great way to calm our bodies and minds in preparation for a great night’s sleep – but it must be admitted that the process is going to be slightly less efficacious if the aroma you’re taking in is one of a pile of sweaty gym clothes in the corner of the room.

Invest in a Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle from thisworks, which combines soothing scents of chamomile and lavender to promote rest and relaxation. We also love the Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, which uses motion activated technology to continuously release sleep-inducing scents throughout the night.

Boost the effects of these great products by employing a few lifestyle tweaks as well – make the last 30-60 minutes of your day screen-free, avoid caffeinated drinks in the evening, watch your alcohol intake, take some time to wash the day away in a relaxing bath or shower before bed – and get ready to catch those Zs. Sweet dreams!

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