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Armchair travels: How to Make Everyday a Vacay Day

We’d probably all like to go on holiday more often: sadly, factors like holiday allowance and budget don’t always make it possible! But even if we can’t exactly bring holiday weather into our homes on demand, we can at least create a holiday vibe. Look for cheerful colors, natural elements, and quirky touches to recreate that ‘out of office’ feeling!


Smartphones are great, of course, but one of the casualties of their increased popularity has been the humble photo. We’re so used to snapping and sharing that very few of us bother to get pics printed and framed any more – but actually, memories of past holidays are one of the most cheerful ways to boost the vacay vibe at home. Invest in some lovely frames and create a gallery wall of different images from favorite trips – or go for a multi-frame approach to create a montage.



Can’t go beachcombing? No problem – bring the beach to you with some gorgeous shell-shaped trays, which are perfect for storing earrings and jewelry in the bedroom – or perhaps paperclips and thumbtacks in the office.

A handful of natural shells make a simple and evocative décor statement, too – try these in the bathroom for a fresh, aquatic look.


Scent is one of the most powerful ways to create a feeling, so be sure to light a flame to the wick of a gorgeous candle that fills your home with the sensation of far-flung places – or how about a candle that’s got ‘souvenir’ (almost literally!) written all over it? If you’re not a fan of naked flames, then opt for a fresh and lively diffuser instead – and combine with strings of fairy lights, both indoor and outdoor, for a magical feeling.


There are some foods and drinks that just go hand in hand with holidays. Ice cream is one – whether your choice is frozen pops or oh-so-pretty bowls of gelato. And of course, what’s a holiday without sunset cocktails? Naturally, you’re going to be eating al fresco as often as possible, so be sure to have some classic sun protection, as well as something to keep you warm when the evening temperatures drop, whether that’s a firepit or throw.


And let’s not forget – even though the holiday you’re creating at home is an imaginary one, that’s not to say that there aren’t real ones in store!  Be sure to keep your inspiration levels high with swoon-worthy travel guides.

And be sure to have your passport to hand and your luggage stylishly tagged!

Fancy seeing you here…

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