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Simplify Your Meal Prep

Meal prep is one of the techniques we can use to make life easier. By cooking food in bulk and storing it, you save time, save effort, and make busy days a little easier. After all, less work is always better, right? Today we’re going to cover some tips and products which help make your food prep easier. 

Make a Plan


The biggest tip I can give you is to make a plan. Planning will save you time in a few different areas.

Use shopping lists to make sure you know what’s needed. Having a magnetic pad attached in the kitchen means you can note things instantly and never forget. Once you’ve gotten your ingredients sorted, it can be handy to keep a list of what meals you have prepared, and how many. This meal plan helps you to make sure food is used before it goes bad, and that you are eating a balanced diet overall. Remember, a balanced diet is essential for a healthy life. With some research and planning, you can get a variety of nutrition from all sorts of different meals.

Use a kitchen scale

Use a Kitchen Scale


Using a good kitchen scale goes a long way too. It will help with cooking because your measurements are more precise. It can also help with portion sizing, or with dividing a dish into equal servings for meals. Remember that you don’t have to deprive yourself from snacking, there are loads of healthy snacks which you can buy or make for yourself. The key is to put these items on your shopping and prep lists. This way, if you do feel the urge to snack, you have one handy. Healthy snacks are a great way to top up your prepared meals too.

Cooking & Storage


The biggest part of the prep is cooking. The best thing to do is batch cook your meals, which means making as much as you can safely cook, store & use. Different types of meals need different types of storage. You can also partially prepare some meals to make them last longer.

Good containers are a must for meal prep. Using a good lunchbox makes all the difference if you plan on taking meals out with you. A basic portioned lunchbox will do for a lot of people, but sometimes you might want something more. An insulated lunchbox gives you the option to take meals and keep them warm. This is a game-changer because it opens up what meals you can use.

Storage is important too. Most people use a wide variety of tubs, bags, and boxes to keep food safely stored. Food bags are great for snacks and small portions. Some leak-proof versions are even good at holding sauces, though I prefer bottles or jars for mine.

Tubs are great for dry foods like rice, pasta, or cereal. Glass tubs do a wonderful job of keeping cooked meals safe and can be used to reheat food as well. Knowing how to store your food is important as well. Some meals will keep for up to a week in the fridge, and others only last a couple of days.

Freezing your food can be a good option with some meals as well. It gives you a lot more time to use them!

Super Tips


There are two more tips I have that will supercharge your food prep.

The first is the food blender. There are a lot of different types of blenders out there. Some are multi-functional too, which is what I prefer. Using a blender saves a lot of time on chopping ingredients, making sauces, and even making drinks. They’re fantastic for smoothies and milkshakes, plus they’re super quick to use. With a good processor, you can make a huge batch of smoothies in no time at all!

My second super tip is to use a slow cooker. This is, by far, my favorite piece of kitchen equipment. You can just add your ingredients (meat, veg, sauce) and leave it on for the time needed. I throw in my ingredients in the morning and come home from work to a freshly cooked meal. 

The way I do it, I come home to about four portions of a nutritious meal. It’s unbelievable how many types of food can be cooked in these machines too. Just store the extra and dig in! 


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