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How to go from Office Chic to “Gal About Town” in a Few Seconds

Balancing the social life with work is a skill few of us have mastered — at times, it doesn’t even feel like there are enough hours in the day to juggle everything and remember to eat well and stay hydrated. 

When I do manage to get my life together, I have found that heading out to grab a quick bite or drinks with the girls (and the occasional cheeky date) after work, suits me best. To be very candid, I would much rather spend my weekends in pajamas, binging syndicated TV shows with my cats in bed, than in a loud place like a club. 

So if that means post-work plans, then it also means I wouldn’t have much time to pick out a whole new outfit. Not only would my indecisiveness render me 2 hours late to the occasion, but I would leave my closet a hot mess, too. 

To save some time, I have a few staple day to night looks on the backburner for any occasion — unless it’s a night to the opera, I can’t help you there. 

Outfit #1:


For the daytime, a classy bodysuit and pencil skirt, along with a flat shoe, can be transformed into an edgy yet refined dinner/happy hour outfit with the addition of some earrings, a small bag, and by switching out the heels for some boots. Lipstick could also play a big role in transforming this look, so try opting for red lippies! 

Outfit #2:


Taking a staple boss-lady dress, a trench, and some bangin’ pumps and turning it into a rocker-chic dream outfit is easier than you think. Add a belt at your waist, throw some rings on, ditch the briefcase for a crossbody bag and switch your pumps for combat boots and there you have it! 


Outfit #3:


Take the classic blazer, cami, and slacks “CEO, but make it fashion” look to a date night outfit by leaving the jacket behind, replace the flats for some heeled sandals, and throw on a necklace, too. Don’t skip out on the printed bag, either! 

Pro-tip: Spritz some “night time” perfume on before you head out to add the final touches. What classifies as “night time” perfume, you ask? Well, I like the ones that have more woody, leathery smell, as opposed to my floral or citrusy ones. These can become overpowering very quickly, so spritz sparingly! 


Outfit #4:


Don’t think I’ve forgotten about casual Fridays! To take a denim, plain white tee, and blazer outfit from drab to fab, I’ve added a stunning leather jacket, some cooler-than-you combat boots, and a printed scarf for a little extra something to celebrate the start of the weekend. 


There you have it — four outfits that seamlessly transform from day to night. 

Now hurry, you’re already late! 

Fancy seeing you here…

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