What Not To Wear: Throwing out misconceptions
about dressing for your body type.

I was born in the 90s and had hit puberty some time in the mid-2000s or so. At the time, I was sick of hand-me-downs and mom styled fits that didn’t reflect the newfound angst I was feeling; I wanted to find a sense of personal style that represented who I was and who I wanted to become.

I want you to think back to similar times – a younger, pubescent you; generally confused by all the changes your body is going through and unsure of how to deal with those new curves that seemingly sprouted overnight.

Have you ever come across an article in some magazine that talked about body types? How there are certain ways to dress for each type, what not to wear and how to style your figure to trick yourself, and others, into thinking you had the oh-so-desirable hourglass shape?

This is an experience I know many of us have shared. This construct is something that helped shape our bodily insecurities, and guided our expectations towards unrealistic depictions of what our bodies could look like if we bought a certain product or dieted a little harder. There’s no doubt we now know how harmful those narratives are, but what can we do for our young sisters (all over the world, really) to help them avoid that same Venus flytrap?

We are going to throw out all misconceptions about dressing for any body type by empowering the choices we make and wearing what makes our hearts happy!

Fruit Salad or Women’s Bodies?



People who bear an “apple shape” are those who carry most of their weight around their midriff or have a heavier top, meaning: broader and a generally larger bust.

They are told to avoid drawing attention to those “problem areas” by throwing out any figure hugging dresses, snug tees and crop tops –

Thank u, next! My lovely apples, rock a bodycon without any fear; you’ll look smokin’ hot, especially if you pair it with a whole lot of confidence.

Banana (also known as “rectangle”):

Bananas aren’t just a potassium rich snack; they’re also described as women who have relatively equal weight distribution and don’t have a snatched silhouette; loose fitting clothing and shapeless clothing is said to be their kryptonite.

We don’t agree! Banana babes, feel free to explore those flowy shapes and fabrics. Whether you rock Viktor & Rolf’s Spring 2019 couture collection or a fun shift dress, we want you to live your truth in what makes you feel great!


Bodies that are described as “pears” are said to have larger butts and thighs – is this what the people call… thicc?

If you proportionize (my first, and certainly not my last, RuPaul Drag Race reference), you’re said to easily attain an hourglass lewk.

Your what-not-to-wears include tight tops with loose fitting bottoms, mini skirts and (printed) shorts.

All I can really say is – thick thighs save lives, ladies, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Carrot (sometimes referred to as “inverted triangle”):

This is deemed to be a more athletic physique; one that carries broader shoulders and smaller hips – according to some backwards synthesis of this body type, it is considered to be “masculine” (rolls eyes into the next century).

As a carrot, you’re meant to avoid drawing the eye towards your shoulders by strategically dodging bold tops and halter cuts.

In spite of people’s commentary on your shoulders, let yourself thrive in the comfort of your body without a care in the world.


“You’re perfect, you’re beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista, you’re a model.” Hourglass shaped women are said to be the “ideal” or the benchmark women of other shapes should try to attain. Despite all of that, there are STILL lots of fashion faux pas for an hourglass; baggy clothes are a big no-no, frills are the devil and ankle boots aren’t your friends.

To be supposedly perfect and to be picked apart isn’t wild in the world of fashion; everybody’s a critic, right?

Wear those ankle boots, girl, they’re totally in and you will look super fly in them – guaranteed.

Channeling Your Best You

There’s always going to be some kind of statements made about women’s bodies. The important thing to note is that these things don’t mean jack! It is a cruel tactic to sell insecurity via ill-advised commentary.

To find love for yourself against those odds is a big f-you to a society that actively tries to dull your shine. Believe in your own magic and you will blossom.

Fancy seeing you here…

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