The A, B, Cs of a Minimalist Wardrobe

Living an ‘alternative’ lifestyle has never been more accessible. What was once a very niche group, minimalists have penetrated the mainstream as a result of visibility from various social media activists, a popular documentary, the sense of urgency we feel as a society to take action against climate change, and the desire to pare back material belongings in search of a more authentic lifestyle!

Why choose a minimalist wardrobe? 

1- A curated life…sans junk

My “resolution” for 2020 is to live with intention — and that means to invite things into (or out of) my life that serve a purpose and bring me joy. A surplus of material things just creates a white noise of clutter, so to speak, and cloud up the mind in the same way too. 

2- Going “eco” matters

It’s no secret that fast fashion is harmful to the environment, and is hella unethical. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to contribute to that mess any longer. 

Fashion waste is a global epidemic, especially in our ‘throwaway’ culture, but take a step towards reducing your carbon footprint by opting for a minimalist wardrobe. 

3- Eliminate the paradox of choice  

Barry Schwartz says it most aptly— less is more. Having more choices, of clothing, in this case, is not productive in any way. Let’s be real; you end up having “nothing to wear” in spite of the full closet in front of you. Less IS more, especially when you have a few pieces of sturdy, high-quality clothing, that will live on for more than a few washes.

 4- Versatility and style go hand in hand 

With a few staple pieces, you can mix and match to create a series of different outfits and looks instead of a whole lot of one-off pieces that will sit in the back of your closet collecting dust. This will also sort of establish a personal style or “brand” if you will — you can’t go wrong with the classics, am I right?! 

Where to begin: 

Instead of going on a mass purge of everything you own for a whole new closet, start by doing a simple declutter of your wardrobe. Donate or ‘rehome’ anything you haven’t used within the last six months, because you’re not likely to wear it within the next six months, either. If you’re unsure about certain pieces, you can put them away in a storage box somewhere in your home — if you don’t go fishing for them within a few months, then you can definitely do without them.

What you’ll need: 

You won’t need very many pieces to build the skeleton of your minimalist wardrobe — you can add or take away different items to suit your lifestyle and your day to day needs; if you’re working from home, you may not need a bunch of suits. Don’t forget to add those key seasonal pieces that reflect the harshness of the cold in your city, either —as you could imagine, winters in Hawaii! 




Button ups:

Your friendly range of button-up tops that can be worn anywhere from brunch to the boardroom. 

  • Norwood shirt 
  • Huntingdon short sleeve shirt 
  • Catalpa shirt
  • Hains shirt 


Crew neck T-shirts are a must-have for everyday wear; you can stick to solid colors, or throw in a couple of classic patterns, such as striped, too. 

  • Tonic crew 3-pack t-shirts 
  • Brace tonic crew 3-pack t-shirts 

Polo tops:

Polo tops are perfect for an elevated casual look; style them with a pair of chinos, shorts or even under a blazer! 

  • Muse short sleeve polo 
  • Tyra polo shirt 
  • Grail short sleeve polo 



Three ubiquitous pants for every man — jeans, chinos, and a cropped slim pant. 

  • Tallis cropped slim pants 
  • Rex slim jeans indigo 
  • Felix slim chinos 
  • Agar cropped slim pants 



Generally, outerwear will reflect your style; switch out the denim jacket for some leather, or the cardigan for a shearling — the most important thing is you get maximum wear out of all of them. 

  • Walcot bomber jacket 
  • Danby denim jacket 
  • Mode merino open cardigan 

Shoes & Boots


You may be tempted to cop every trendy sneaker, but you really only need a few pairs of shoes — boots, white sneakers, and a pair of formal shoes for fancier events. 


  • Trent boot 

White sneakers 

  • Low pro trainers optic white 
  • Cupsole trainers 

Formal shoes 

  • Black leather loafers 
  • Dylunn leather brogues 

Be Kind to Your Clothing

The only way you’ll ever be able to maintain your minimalist wardrobe, is if you can take care of each item! Pay attention to the care labels and never, ever overwash. Make sure to replace those pesky wire hangers with wood hangers to avoid any premature damage, too! 

Beginning your minimalist journey isn’t so hard, and is more attainable than ever before — it may be scary to get your foot in the door, but once you do, it’s hard to imagine living any other way. What’s holding you back? 

Fancy seeing you here…

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