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The Adult Man’s Guide to Rocking Graphic Tees

A casual staple, the graphic tee, is no longer the uniform of teenaged boys and the fashionably impaired; it has transformed into a key piece in any stylish man’s wardrobe.

High fashion brands like Kenzo, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, and the like, have capitalized on the trend, too. The people want comfort and a way to express themselves, so think: casual – but make it trendy.

There are a couple of questions everyone needs to consider when dressing a graphic T-shirt:

1- Does it fit?

When in doubt, do not go a size up!‌ Pick your regular size, else risk looking like a shapeless potato sack. A well-fitting T-shirt will streamline your look and give the illusion of a bespoke piece. You want to wear the shirt, as opposed to having it wear you.

2- What is my focal point?

The focal point of any outfit is key. Whether you’re trying to make a statement or not, the elements you add around your graphic tee can speak volumes. Whether you opt for a minimal, well-fitted outfit, or a more complex array of pieces, you can stand out, or blend in.

3- Where is the cohesion?‌

Each element in your outfit needs to feel innate to one another. Whether it be in color, style, texture, etc. The idea is to make your outfit look intentional, as opposed to just thrown on. Allow each piece to communicate cohesively with one another.

Here are a few examples of well-styled graphic tees.


Look #1: The Casual Look


This is a more casual look that is tied together by the parallels in color, texture, and style. From the textures of the denim jacket and jeans to the hues of blue and white from the Jaws tshirt to the shoes, and the overarching casual theme that rounds everything off.

Look #2: The Edgy Look


Look #3: The Simple Look


This is a fun outfit that focuses on one color story, drawing from the rusty-tan from the Bowie t-shirt and incorporating it into a bigger, more statement item, the corduroy overcoat. The t-shirt, though, is still a key item, as the electrifying blue refuses to step out of the center stage. The bottoms and shoes is where we take a step back, and allow the other pieces to “be loud,” so to speak.


Styling a graphic tee is not a difficult task if you keep the three questions in mind when choosing the pieces that go with it. Ultimately, though, the “rules” are not set in stone, and you’re free to experiment with the infinite ways to dress a casual t-shirt; this is just a template to get you started! 

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