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Staples Every Man Should Have in His Closet

Adulting is hard. Getting dressed to “adult” is even harder. Gone are the days when we didn’t have to think about the outfits we wear on our backs, fashion, style, and all that jazz.
Sure, it’s easy to throw on any old t-shirt and jeans, but to take your style to the next level, and kinda look the part of an adult, your wardrobe needs to be multidimensional, and wealthy with varied options that you can mix and match for any and all occasions.

For all the men out there overwhelmed with options, unsure where to begin, read on to have a clear idea of the staple pieces you need to stock in your wardrobe.

White button-down shirt

You can’t go wrong with a white dress shirt. Dress it up or down, it’ll always work.

Colored button-down shirt

If you’re still trying to establish your style, I recommend bagging a good-ol light blue dress shirt. As you begin to expand, you can delve into a world of color palettes and patterns!


Reflect minimalism in your casual style with a Chambray button down. They come in a variety of fits, shades and sleeve lengths; you’ll be sure to find a match.


A plaid shirt is a versatile piece; whether you wear it unbuttoned or untucked, it brings an effortless casual look to your outfit of choice.

Plain tees

The hardest items to find are the best of basics. Make sure to get your hands on high-quality basic t-shirt to style in your very own way.

Crewneck sweaters

A go-to for when it’s kinda cold but not cold enough for a jacket. This is the ultimate staple for the fall.

Bomber jackets

A bomber jacket is potentially the “white button down” of outerwear. There are infinite combinations you can create around this item, plus it looks good on everyone (have you ever seen someone who couldn’t rock a bomber jacket? I think not!).


For the occasion that requires a jacket but not a suit. A sport coat is the ideal item for that awkward space between casual and formal.


This is an item you’ll probably have forever. It’s the perfect outerwear for the winter time and is guaranteed to make you look super fly.

Slim fit jeans

Well fitted jeans are an absolute must. They’re flattering on all body types and are a good way to still look put together while dressing casually.

Dress pants

You’ll need a more formal pair of pants to wear to work; these should also fit well; baggy dress pants will just make you look sloppy. You could even take the extra step to get these tailored to perfection.

Casual chinos

When you’re not feeling jeans, opt for some casual chinos. They’re comfortable, super lightweight, and come in a variety of shades (literally have seen chinos in every color that exists).

Dress shoes

While wearing sneakers everywhere would be ideal, get yourself a sturdy pair of formal shoes to match with your more dressy outfits.

Casual shoes

These are shoes are easy to pair with any casual outfit; not too high maintenance, and of course, comfortable!


Boots are a great option for when you’re transitioning from day to night, or if you want to look effortlessly stylish! A definite must-have.


Last, but certainly not least, you need to get you a good suit! One that fits you well, too! Whether you buy it off the rack, or online, make sure to make the necessary adjustments that will make it look like it’s been custom made for you!

Congrats, now you have a great jumping off point with all the staples you need in your closet! As you become more established and comfortable in your own sense of style, you will grow your collection with items that reflect you more closely. Bring in color, interesting construction, and unique patterns to spice your look up!
Happy shopping.

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