Men, You Can
Wear Bold Prints, Too!

Dear men,

You’re so much more than tan chinos and a blue shirt out there! Let yourself take a dip into the world of bold prints, and you’ll never regret it. It’s the simplest way to add visual diversity to your wardrobe, add dimension to your outfits, and show off your personality. Don’t limit yourself for the sake of convention, allow yourself to shine!

There’s no right or wrong way to wear prints, but if you’re feeling a little bit at a loss and want a crash course, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’d like your prints to take center stage, think: contrast. Large-set prints, bright hues, and bold colors will do the trick; each element will come together to make a statement. If you think it might be tacky, think again, patterns can actually add a lot of sophistication to your outfit, and can be sported at any and every occasion. You can easily complement your print by anchoring it with a matching solid; if you’re going for an elevated look, I suggest finding the lesser used color in the print and bring that to the forefront in another element of your outfit.

On the flip side, you can opt for a print set for maximum impact! A printed summer set or a suit can make you look like an absolute style icon! If you would rather mix prints, though, I would tell you to be a little bit cautious – avoid bold prints that clash in design, shape or color. In saying so, you do you! Feel free to experiment with your style to find a version that aptly represents the look you’re going for.


There’s a reason floral prints have stuck around! From classic, minimal flowers, to loud “Hawaiian” prints – the market is absolutely flooded with these designs (and for good reason).

This is one of my favorite trends because it brings fluidity and intricacy to any look! Tangent to the florals are the botanical and tropical prints – they give off the same vibe, and can really elevate the energy of your outfits.


Can anyone really resist an abstract print? The way shapes interact with one another plays an interesting role in the manifestation of the design. It is an expression of art – let your inner artise thrive!


Out of the box, geometric prints are all the rage right now. Straying away from the traditional conception of geometric designs is a simple way to upgrade your closet and modernize your look.


I couldn’t resist including this short-sleeved shirt – I absolutely love the vintage comic book print and think it is a fantastic conversation piece! Feeling extra bold? Pair this shirt with the matching shorts for the ultimate summer outfit.

Fancy seeing you here…

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