The Perfect Lipstick Shade For You According To Your Star Sign

Finding the perfect lipstick shade isn’t as easy as it sounds, but fear not, I’m here to help you out. What better way to compliment your personality than to use your star sign as a guide? Here is the ultimate list to make sure your lips shine just like your zodiac sign!




Known to be spontaneous and ambitious, Arieans needn’t be subtle when it comes to their lip color, which is why Morphe Out and A Pout Red Trio in shade Candy Red is perfect for their bold, energetic personalities.



Taureans are resilient, bold, and quite stubborn – so there’s no reason their lipstick shouldn’t be the same. Maybelline’s Superstay Matte Liquid Lipstick in color Mover is perfect for their fast and valiant lifestyles, especially with its 12-hour wear promise!



The most fun and energetic of the signs, Gemini’s are known to talk themselves out of any situation with their witty charm. This Morphe Pop Of Pastel Matte Lipstick Trio is perfect for their need for change whilst also highlighting their cheerful personas. 



The protector of the signs, Cancerians are calm, caring, and content. A pretty little nude number is the one for them, and Doll Beauty’s Dolled Out Lipstick is the perfect soft shade to compliment that.



Leo’s are all for adventurous lifestyles and living in the moment, so a bright shimmery lipstick like Max Factor’s Lipfinity Lip Color in color Stay Cheerful is perfect for reflecting their humorous and fun personalities.



Super sweet and a little subtle, L’Oréal Paris Infallible Lip Paint in shade Red Fiction is the perfect lipstick to compliment Virgo’s quiet yet fearless personalities.



Masters of disguise and the most adaptable in social situations, Librarians love to be creative, and even though they deny it, the center of attention. A subtle, strong lip color with a romantic flare like Dare Project Lip Plump is a must-have to showcase that.



Everyone knows Scoprians are intense, strong, and fiercely intelligent, which is why a bold, seductive color is a must. SOSUBYSJ So Kiss Me Wild Thing Lip Kit has everything they need to master that untouchable look.



They know what they want and how to get it; those born under Sagittarius aren’t ones to shy away, which is why the vibrant and standoff Matte Liquid Lipstick should be on every Sagirttarians lips.



The quietest of all the signs, Capricorns tend to be more reserved. The Carmex Lip Balm Moisture Plus Peach Sheer Tint has mastered the perfect balance of practicality and prettiness that Capricorns strive for in life.



Even though Aquarians love to break the mold, when it comes to their lips, they tend to go for more harmonizing colors. Barry Ms. That’s Swell XXL Plumpy Lip Gloss and Liner is the perfect duo to let their uniqueness shine without taking focus away from their style.



Often found with their head in the clouds, Pisceans aren’t afraid to dream big and be different. The Stargazer Blue Neon Kit may be bright blue, but it all makes sense in a Pisceans world!

If we say so ourselves, you can’t go wrong with these lipsticks – it’s practically written in the stars!

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