The Only Makeup Brushes Your Beauty Bag Really Needs

I know I’m not the only one who has hoarded a hundred makeup brushes over the years. From Christmas sets to discounted singletons, I seem to own a good half of the brushes ever manufactured (definitely not being overdramatic). This may be surprising to know, but we don’t actually need a thousand makeup brushes, we only need about 7 to do the job. So to help you and encourage you to sort out your makeup bag (and mine), I’ve put together a list of only the essential makeup brushes you need.

Foundation Brush

A foundation brush will probably be the most important brush in your collection (unless you opt for a beauty blender). They are typically dome-shaped or dense and flat (much like a paintbrush). Personally, I use a flat foundation brush, like the Karity F23 Flat Foundation Brush, as I find it gives me more control over where my foundation goes and eliminates the risk of my makeup looking cakey. When applying my foundation, I start from the middle of my face and work my way out as I don't typically need as much product on the edges of my hairline.

Beauty Blender (Blending Sponge)

I know it’s technically not a brush, but a beauty blender is essential if you want a streak-free finished face. I find that Two.BB.Clean is perfect at gently buffing and blending my foundation and powder. I find it works better if I soak the beauty blender in water before use - which is also a great little hack to prevent the sponge from soaking up the foundation! Better yet, the Two.BB.Clean sponge also comes with a blender cleanser, so you can keep your beauty blender in ship shape!

Concealer Brush

A concealer brush is perfect for pinpointing specific areas, especially if you’re looking to hide small breakouts. I use Lottie London Conceal It brush to apply concealer to my face, which, unlike a foundation brush, is much better at targeting precisely where I want the product to go without causing creasing, or 'pooling' under my eyes or around my nose.

Contour Brush

Contouring has become increasingly popular over the years, so it’s only right that you have a contour brush knocking about in your makeup bag. Contour brushes are normally angled or completely flat, but I like to opt for a dense flat edged brush as I find it creates a more concentrated and precise line. I like the Lottie London Contour Queen brush as it fits nicely along my cheekbones and jawline - which gives me some killer features!

Powder Brush

Whether you’re applying foundation or setting powder, a big fluffy brush will be needed! It’s best to opt for a large one to avoid adding too much powder onto your face - which personally leaves me looking cakey. I find the Pro Puff is best at distributing powder evenly with little to no fallout - just make sure you gently tap the brush before applying to your face.

Blusher/Bronzer Brush

Similar to a powder brush, a blusher/bronzer brush should be fluffy, light and airy to diffuse your powder more openly. I find Karity F25 Angled Blush Brush does the perfect job at adding a sweep of color to my checks that I can then build upon to create my desired shade without looking like a porcelain doll.

Eyebrow Brush and Comb

If you want to keep your eyebrows on fleek, then you’ll definitely need a dual-ended eyebrow brush. I must admit, I’m still getting to grips with my brows, but I do find it easier with P?R Brow Sculpt and Groom Brush. The angled end of the brush makes drawing individual lines on my eyebrows much easier - so I don’t end up looking like Frankenstein’s Monster. I then like to use the comb to brush out my real eyebrows for a more natural finish.