Resurrect Your Skin This Summer With this Power Plumping Duo

When it comes to Summertime, I go out with the old and in with the new with everything - including my skin. Thanks to the icy winter weather, my skin currently resembles sandpaper.?It’s fair to say that the blistering cold has not been kind to anyone’s skin, and not only has it put us at risk at serious dryness, it’s also put us at risk of suffering from some severe breakouts too. As Summer is the season of new beginnings, it's time to say out with the old and in with the new! Which also applies to those skincare products racked up in your cupboard that are way past their shelf life (don’t try to deny it!). To help you out (and give you another excuse to go on a skincare beauty splurge), I’ve put together a list of top tips and beauty products that have done wonders to my skin, and that will help resurrect yours this Summer!

Dusting away those dead skin cells...

If you want to rid your face of dead skin cells and dry patches; exfoliating your face is key. Not only will it rejuvenate your face, but it’ll also give your skin a breath of fresh air. I exfoliate at least twice a week to keep my healthy glow intact - and you should too! One of the best exfoliators I cannot begin to recommend enough is Peeling - all natural exfoliation. Peeling is one of those products you can feel and see working. It literally peels and exfoliates all those dead skin cells away - which I love! Better yet, its an all-natural product made from herbal ingredients. If you’re looking more for a mess-free product, Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic is my all time favorite in giving my skin a serious rebirth (it also smells amazing!). I use it after I’ve taken my makeup off and cleansed my skin, and let me tell you - I wouldn't be here without it. Even though my micellar water and pads tell me my face is clean, this glow tonic tells me otherwise. Not only does it exfoliate all those hard to reach places, but it also drags the dirt and nasty oils out of my skin; which is disgustingly satisfying to see!

Protecting your skin

It’s time to supercharge your skin with two serums that pack a punch! Serums are amazing at boosting your skin’s natural moisture and defending it from any nasty toxins and cell damage caused by the environment. As a huge lover of NIP+FAB already, it was only right that I tried out their Dragons Blood Fix Serum. The serum promises to smooth, plump and nourish your skin, and I can honestly say that it does! This serum melted into my skin and gave my face a well-needed burst of moisture, and the fact it’s called Dragon's Blood also makes it pretty cool. Another amazing serum, Superactive Capsules Pure Double Vitamin C & Vitamin E Serum, contains all those important vitamins to help replenish your skin -especially after those cold months! With added Vitamin C, this serum will brighten up and boost your skin's natural glow in no time!

Getting that healthy glow

The best luminizer on the market right now, RMS Beauty, Luminizer delivers that natural radiant glow at the swipe of a finger. I love this luminizer and now that Summertime is here, it’s all about creating that dewy finish. It’s creamy, it's moisturizing and it's paraben free; what's not to love?

Not forgetting the little things

My sleep schedule is pretty much non-existent unless- you call going to bed at 1 am and waking up at 5 am substantial. Seriously, the bags under my eyes could easily give Gucci a run for their money. A cream that I wouldn’t be without, which promises to rejuvenate tired eyes; Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream, is one for your makeup bag. Youthfulness is the essence of Summertime, so rocking that fatigue look is very last season. Not only can this cream reduce puffiness around your eyes, but it can also minimize the appearance of dark circles - which is a blessing in disguise. So if like me, your skin is in need of some serious TLC and rebirth, these products can help you out like no other can!