Don’t Just Rely On Beauty Sleep To Wake Up Refreshed And Ready

Sleep really is that friend that comes through for you even in the worst of times, and when your body is well-rested, you feel human again. I must admit, even though I normally use it as a gimmicky phrase, beauty sleep really is needed to help you flourish in the mornings- but that's not all you need! If you want to wake up looking like you just stepped out of a spa retreat (because who doesn’t?), then a pre-bed ritual is essential. To help you out, I’ve put together a list of all the best beauty products that work their magic whilst you sleep so you can wake up feeling fabulous and looking fine!

Nourishing Sleep Mask

I am PIXI’s biggest fan; their skincare range has never failed at making my skin super soft and spot free, so it was only right that I tried their Nourishing Sleep Mask. Enriched with Arginine, Hyaluronic Acid, flower and fruit oils; the sleep mask has left my skin feeling silky smooth and completely rejuvenated. ?All I had to do was apply a thin layer to my freshly washed face, rest my eyes and wash it off in the morning!

Golden Glow

If you’ve always wanted to wake up with a golden glow, then now you can with Tan-Luxe Sleep Oil. I must admit, I was a little apprehensive when it came to this self-tanning oil and fully expected to wake up to golden sheets as well, but it didn’t stain a thing except for my skin! Packed with Vitamin C, E, and B5, Tan-Luxe Sleep Oil will leave you with a healthy-looking hydrated glow, and better yet, it smells like raspberries!

Deep Sleep Spray

If you want to wake up feeling revived and ready to take on the world, then you may want to check out this works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. Thanks to the mixture of pure soothing essential oils (Chamomile, Lavender, and Vetivert), you will drift off to sleep in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is spritz your pillow, bed linen, and sleep area and let the calming aroma take you into a deep relaxing sleep. Honestly, if I had known there was such a thing as a spray to help you sleep at night, I would’ve bought it in bucket loads when I was at university.

Overnight Hand Therapy

I don’t know about you, but my hands go through a lot during the day. From changing diapers to exposing them to an array of chemicals (and obsessively washing them), they are a little on the rough side. To give my hands the nourishing treatment they seriously need, I use Crabtree & Evelyn Pear and Pink Magnolia Overnight Hand Therapy. ?Formulated with replenishing vitamins and amino acids, the hand cream works wonders in keeping all the good moisture locked in whilst I sleep! Not only has it made my hands super soft, but it also smells pretty good too!

Hair Elixir

My hair could do with a little TLC; from split ends to dry roots, it's fair to say it has seen better days. Even though I am committed to using heat protection spray before using my straighteners or hair dryer, my hair still seems to get a little fried. To help it out from time to time, I use Sleep Plus Hair Elixir. I must admit, I have a seen a noticeable difference in the condition of my hair which is something of a miracle in itself. Infused with some of the best botanical oils (jojoba, argan, baobab), this spray will leave your locks sleek, shiny, and most importantly: healthy! All you have to do is spray it directly onto your hair (without combing), go to bed and wake up with hair that could rival that of Tracy Turnblad. The best thing about this spray is that you don’t need to rinse it out in the morning and it doesn’t transfer onto your pillow or bed linen. Better yet, thanks to the unique fragrance, Sleep Plus Hair Elixir can also aid in helping you fall into a deep sleep! So move over Sleeping Beauty, because there’s a new Queen in town and she only needed 4 hours of sleep to look this good (ahem).