Celeb-Approved Facial Treatments You Can Do At Home

For years I have gawked at celebrities at award shows. Their extravagant outfits, killer shoes, and picture perfect faces have always left me wondering: how do they always look so flawless? I must admit, it came as a surprise to learn that celebrities don’t jump out of the womb with super soft, blemish-free skin, and they, in fact, sit in a makeup chair with a whole squad team fixing them up for around 8 hours before they step outside. Okay, so we may not be able to hire a beauty team to work on our faces every day, but I have found a way to achieve that luminous glow that all celebs seem to have. From light treatment to snail slime, I’ve put together a list of celeb-approved facial treatments that you can do at home!

Snail slime

I know how disgusting this sounds but stay with me... high-end salons have been using snail slime facials on celebrities for years. Actress Katie Holmes is a big fan of snail slime and judging by her neverending youthful glow, it seems to be working wonders! Snail slime contains a powerful antioxidant which helps hold back wrinkles and reduce acne scarring. Now, that doesn’t mean you should go out in your garden hunting for some snail trails (please don’t), there is an easier way to get your hands on it. Snail Hydro-Gel Mask can be used in the comfort of your own home, and it’s as easy as taking it out the packet and slapping it on your face. Thanks to the high level of hyaluronic acid and peptides in the Hydro-gel mask, your skin will feel encouraged to stimulate collagen which will leave your face super soft and spot free!


Botox is a huge thing in the celeb world thanks to the airbrushing results it delivers. If you want the same effect without the hassle (or needles) then you may want to look into bee venom. Said to be nature’s botox, bee-venom facials are very popular among celebrities, royalty included! Kate Middleton reportedly enjoyed a bee-venom facial just days before the Royal Wedding and she looked great. Thanks to bee venom being anaphylactic, it can temporarily relax your face muscles, improve the blood flow in your skin and break down cell membranes. This results in a tighter and airbrushed complexion. You can have the same effect at home using Bee Sting Fix Repair Shot - which can plump out your skin and reduce fine lines in a matter of minutes - and let's be honest, if it's good enough for royalty, it’s definitely good enough for us! Although, if you are allergic to bee stings, you may want to give this one a miss.

Steam Facial

I have been steaming my face since I was a teen, and admittedly even though my methods were a bit questionable when I was younger (hanging over the bathtub wasn’t great), it does work. Steaming your face is the best way to cleanse your pores, so it’s no surprise that celebrities like Kim Kardashian love a good steam facial. Take the easy route and grab yourself a Pro Facial Steamer. The steamer offers a more controlled way to use hot steam and it’s so easy to use you’ll feel as though you’re relaxing in a luxurious spa waiting for Leonardo DiCaprio to pick you up. If you really want to boost the relaxation, then add a couple of drops of lavender oil to soothe your pores- and make your face smell like a luxurious spa!

Light it up

If you follow Kiernan Shipka’s dogs Instagram account - and if you aren’t then you really should - ?you may have noticed Kiernan sporting an LED face mask. The Netflix star swears that they are amazing- ?and she’s not the only celeb who thinks so. The LED face mask works by penetrating light deep into the layers of your skin and repairing damaged cells. If you want to try it, then I thoroughly suggest checking out Spectralite FaceWare Pro. Not only is it a great non-invasion and gentle way to regenerate your skin, but it’s also amazing at calming down inflammation and acne. So whether you’re preparing for the next Met Gala (I wish), or just chilling at home, these facial treatments will leave you feeling like an A-lister at a premiere!