The Best Music Streaming Services in 2020

The CD is a thing of the past, and vinyl is stronger than ever -- but streaming is the name of the game. But in such a rapidly moving music industry, where do you go for your favorite tunes? Here are the music streaming services we’re about to look at:

The Best Music Streaming Services in 2020

All the current music streaming services can look similar to the untrained eye. And although the price tags are very close to each other, each platform offers something unique.

Spotify (Free and $5-15/month)

Few streaming services can compete with Spotify. It has the largest catalog of music and podcasts, is very user-friendly, and is compatible with cars, consoles, and smart devices.

Apple Music ($5-15/month)

Apple Music comes a close second but is mainly beneficial if you already use Apple devices. Its main feature is that you can download 100,000 songs for offline listening (10x Spotify’s limit).

Tidal ($10-30/month)

Tidal never really lived up to the hype of their initial marketing campaign. But it’s still a great choice for the audiophile who values lossless hi-fi sound -- because on Tidal, it’s unparalleled.

Google Play Music (Free and $10-15/month)

Google Play Music offers an impressive 40 million songs to choose from, and the premium version allows you to store 50,000 of them. It also includes access to YouTube Music Premium.

Amazon Music Unlimited (Free and $5-15/month)

You get 2 million free tracks if you’re already an Amazon Prime member. It works flawlessly with Alexa and other Amazon devices, and also comes with a karaoke feature that shows the lyrics.

Pandora (Free and $5-15/month)

Pandora still holds a solid spot on the list of streaming services. It’s compatible with most devices and offers a large repertoire of songs with an impressive amount of informative data.

Deezer (Free and $10-15/month)

Deezer gives you an interesting mix of features. It has a large music catalog (53 million songs) like Spotify, many radio channels (30,000+) like Pandora, and some hi-fi tracks like Tidal.?

YouTube Music (Free and $5-15/month)

YouTube Music is to Android users what Apple Music is to iPhone users. It’s a convenient streaming service that integrates into other Google apps and has some interesting playlists.?

SoundCloud (Free and $5-10/month)

Soundcloud is perhaps best known as the indie-artist hub of the streaming services. It’s your go-to app if you want to discover the next big thing, and there’s 200 million active users on it.?

What Are You Listening To?

As you can see, most services give you a free option with ads, charge around $10 (or $15 for families) to listen ad-free, and enable you to store songs on your device.? Which music streaming service is right for you depends on the device you use, how many songs you want access to, how much you like radio, and whether you need hi-fi quality or not. So, what are you listening to in 2020?