Sun Or Snow: 6 Skincare Essentials That Every Traveller Needs

I know I'm not alone when I say packing for a holiday is stressful. You may have booked the flights, hotel, and mini excursions, but remembering to pack your toothbrush can be hard! I can't count how many times I've sat on an airplane with the feeling that I've forgotten something, only to get to the hotel and find my wash bag lacking something or another. If you're one of the lucky ones off on holiday, I've created the ultimate list of travel essentials you need! Better yet, these products are perfect for every gender because it's 2020, and no one has time to discriminate against skincare products.


One of the most overlooked products when packing is sunscreen, but whether you'll be spending your day in the sun, snow, or even cloud: you will need it. TONYMOLY's Magic Food Mild Mango Sunblock will not only shield your skin from harmful UV rays, but it will also lock in those essential nutrients.

Clear Bag

For security reasons, if you're traveling on an airplane and plan on taking a small carry-on bag, then you will need a clear bag to store all your liquids in. To make life easier, Pretty Little Thing has the perfect 3-piece-set, where you can choose from 3 sizes to suit your needs and products.?

Eye Massager

It's fair to say everyone wants to take those Insta-worthy snapshots when they're on holiday, but traveling can be tiring, and nobody wants eye bags so big that the airport would check them in. This Eye Massager designed by FOREO will become a lifesaver when it comes to long haul rides!

Dry Shampoo

Showering when on holiday can be difficult. Who wants to spend their time couped up in a shower cubicle when they can be out exploring the world! That's where dry shampoo comes in, and KLORANE Oat Milk Dry Shampoo is perfect for eliminating those greasy looking roots without appearing ashy!


Multipurpose products are a blessing in disguise when it comes to packing. Not only do they save on the weight of your bag, but they also save a lot in space. Soap is essential when going on holiday, and even though most hotels leave those tiny sample bars, it's just not enough. If you want a soap that can gently exfoliate and wash your face and body, then look no further than Daily Concepts Mother Of Pearl Soap Sponge. It's quick-drying, super soft, and smells amazing!


If you're only taking a carry-on-bag with you on holiday, you may find it can cause a lot of problems when packing. Not only do you lack space to fit a lot of essential things in, but the amount of liquids you can take is very limiting. Fear not, a cleanser is not one of those things. Thanks to DHC for creating a face wash powder that transforms into a liquid when mixed with water; your face can be revitalized and cleaned with no problem! So whether you're off to a sunny seaside resort, city break, or hitting the slopes, this list has everything you need for your wash bag - just don't forget to take it!