Home Theater Shopping Guide: 5 Ways to Turn Your Living Room into a Cinema

Binge-watching on shows and movies is one of the ways to help us relax after a long day at work.? Streaming numbers in March are up 85% from the year before, and that could have something to do with the many new streaming platforms entering the market now. Apple TV+, Disney+, and HBO Max are just some of the many new streaming services you’ll be able to enjoy in 2020. And there’s no better way to enjoy your favorite movies than in a classic home theater.? Here are the five things you need to buy to create the ultimate home theater.

Projector: Alfawise Q9 BD1080P HD 4K Smart Home Projector

While buying a TV is enough for some, there’s no real theater experience without a projector. This Alfawise model gives you an opportunity to show movies in 4K and enjoy some of the best-looking movies in the best way possible. Smart functions allow you to control the projector using your voice assistant or your mobile device.

Projector Screen: 16:9 120-inch Home Cinema Theater Portable Screen

You can always project your movies on a clear wall. With a good enough projector, the image will probably look acceptable. But you shouldn’t settle for just acceptable. That’s why you need to buy a home theater screen. A 120-inch screen is great for large gatherings. The model we have for you is also portable, which makes things easier if you ever decide to move your home theater to another room.

DVD/Blu-ray Player: GIEC BDP-G4390 4K 3d Blu-ray Player

Even though you’re probably going to stream a lot of your movies, you should still purchase a Blu-ray player, in case you want to watch something still unavailable on streaming platforms. This GIEC player will allow you to play Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and stream movies in 4K. It also has a built-in hard drive, which helps you DVR and save your movies and shows on it.

Speakers: Wireless Bluetooth Model YX-01 Home Theatre Speaker System 5.1

Some people feel that the 7.1 speaker system is the only option for a home theater. However, 5.1 channels have been the home theater standard for a good reason: most movies on Blue-ray have a 5.1 channel soundtrack. So no need to waste money on a hyper-expensive, 7.1 set, when a 5.1 will do the job. Also, make sure to set up all of your gear in a square-shaped room. Not only will square space allow you to arrange the seating perfectly, but it will also give you a well-balanced sound.

Amplifier: A927 4-In 4-Out Sound Independent Controller Power Amplifier

That 5.1 surround system requires a lot of power. That’s why you need to add an amplifier to your home theater to make it complete. Just make sure to buy a real home theater receiver instead of an old, traditional receiver. The latter doesn’t provide sound decoding, which means it won’t give you a genuine surround sound feeling.

Which One Will You Buy?

Buying a home theater may help you save some time; however, it will not only take out all of the fun from creating your own theater set, but it will also leave you with an inferior home system. Do your research and create your home theater. We hope you enjoyed our article. Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.