Cinder to Tinder: How To Get Date-Night Ready In Under 15 Minutes

We may have sailed past Valentine's Day, but that doesn't mean more dates aren't on the horizon. I must admit in the past I would spend around two hours getting ready - mostly because I stopped every 10 minutes to dramatically lip sync in the mirror. Now that I'm older, with a lot more commitments, I just haven't got the time to run in from the gym, have a mini world tour in the shower, and then go out for a date. To keep myself sane I have come up with an effortless 15-minute makeover routine to get myself date-night ready. I know what you're thinking, coming into the house looking like Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove and leaving as Beyonc?, just doesn't seem possible in 15 minutes - but it can be done!?  

Your Face

First things first, it's very likely that you won't have time to reapply a full fresh face of makeup. Unless you can blend, crease, and bake in 10 seconds flat, it's just not going to happen, but fear not, there is a way around it. If you already have makeup on from your day, then you can work with what you got, and I promise it's not as bad as it sounds! Just touching up key features on your face, like your under eyes, lips, and chin, can give your makeup look a new lease of life. Better yet, spritz with some setting spray, and you'll be good to go all night long.

Your Hair

Working with what you got can also apply to your hair, and honestly, 13-year-old me is shuddering. It's no secret that when I was a teenager, I absolutely hated dry shampoo, and the thought of using it made my heavily made-up eyes roll. My young mind couldn't wrap around the thought of why people didn't just wash their hair. Now that I'm older with hardly any time to eat, sleep, and breathe, I get it, and I love it. Dry shampoo is as essential as chewing gum on your first date, not only will a quick spray keep you looking fresh wherever the night takes you, but it will also help give your hair some texture and style.

Your Body

This may sound weird, but I am 100% the type of person that goes in for a hug and then smells the other person. I know it sounds creepy, but honestly, the way someone smells can make them seem more attractive. So it's super important you smell warm and welcoming when it comes to dates! It goes without saying that less is more, especially if you know where to apply it. You may not know this, but perfume reacts to body heat, which is why you should dab your scent along pulse lines in your body. From your wrists to the bottom of your throat and behind your ears. Dabbing your perfume in these areas will guarantee that your scent will constantly radiate throughout your date. Tip: opt for Lancome’s “La vie est belle” for a long-lasting fragrance. So if you're off on a date, then swipe right for this effortless 15-minute makeover routine! You may regret the date, but you won't regret these 3 simple steps.?