6 Tech Necessities for Every Traveler

People who travel every year for 8 to 13 days are reportedly happier than people who spend their vacations home, according to a study conducted by Netherland scientists. Although the trip might make you happy, packing can stress you out so much that it ruins your trip. Some people simply aren’t sure what they even need to pack. Even the ones that know what they want feel like they can’t pack everything they need. Around 44% of people say that their biggest travel grievance is not being able to pack everything they need. If you fall into that category, don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Technology can help you deal with most travel headaches you ever had. Here are a couple of tech necessities you need to have in your luggage.

Evo Check Protective Phone Case

No matter where you are traveling, you need a good protective case for your phone. This Evo case will protect your phone from 12-foot drops. It also is made out of germ-killing materials, which will keep your phone case clean as a whistle at all times.

Sony MDR-XB950N1 Wireless Headphones

Long-distance travel can get really tiresome at times. That’s why you need to have a handy pair of headphones by your side to allow you to catch up on some of your favorite shows and movies. This Sony model also has noise-canceling, which is perfect for traveling on noisy planes and buses.

Xiaomi Ultra-thin 10000mAh Mobile Power Bank

Running out of battery at a difficult time happens to all of us. With this ultra-thin Xiaomi power bank, you can have all of the additional energy you need in your back pocket. With a power bank, you won’t have to worry about your mobile and wearable devices running out of juice ever again.

Alcatel ONETOUCH EE70 Wireless Router

In addition to a power bank, you should also spend a few more dollars on a router. Some hotel rooms don’t have a strong Wi-Fi signal. Since without the Internet you’re as good as lost nowadays, you need to have a good connection at all times. This router from Alcatel can strengthen any Wi-Fi connection.

Platoon Insert 7 Outlet Extension Socket Power Strip

While some modern airports have hundreds of power outlets, most airports are still not that up-to-date. To avoid waiting for a power outlet, you should buy a power strip with multiple outlets, which will not only allow you to charge your electronics but also help other people in the airport charge theirs too.

iStabilizer Bluetooth Smartphone Tripod

A tripod might not be on everyone’s “travel essentials” list, but it definitely should be. A tripod will make taking group pictures that much easier. You don’t want your photo album to be filled with awkward selfies. The iStabilizer is also pretty compact, so you won’t have to worry about finding space for it.

What Will You Bring Along?

We hope that you found our article enjoyable and helpful. What are some of your tech necessities? Share your thoughts and experiences with the rest of us in the comment section below.